Tuesday, June 16, 2020

It’s Iimi! On “Pride” and Prejudice: a (Semi) Socratic Dialogue Through Manga

[Edit on 10/15/2021] Over a year after I made this comic, I learned that Iimi's views on how lesbian attraction works—she assumed that since they had an interest in girls, they would have the same sexual aggressiveness as males do—was inaccurate. I decided not to rewrite the comic, but the reader should know that Iimi now realizes that a lesbian attraction to other females is more like her own attraction to males. That revised view can be found HERE.

[Original Post]
Those of you who don’t follow my blog’s Facebook page, might be unaware that on occasion I’ll use manga publishing software# to do apologetics comics. The following started out as a blog piece, before I decided to transform it into a manga dialogue. Of course, the Catholic cannot call evil acts “good,” and unfortunately, people aren’t as likely to respond to Iimi* in the way Paula does. But if we remain respectful of others, we might get into dialogue with others.

(In retrospect, I should have been more clear that Iimi was talking about teachers prone to abuse with such an attraction opening the doors to same-sex abuse, not students. Eve Tushnet’s Gay and Catholic points out that—among teenage lesbians anyway—the locker room was a place they felt awkward, and not a very erotic place for them. I suppose I could give Iimi a “I used to think that way, but I learned it’s not necessarily that way” if I could find a way to make it fit).


(#) ComiPo.
(*) Iimi (Irene Inez Mary Iscra—the mascot of the blog. Her initials were chosen as the initials of “If I Might Interject.”)

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